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Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a great way to modernise your home and keep the comfort feel, you don’t have to have the traditional oak looking flooring as technology has advanced, and so has the manufacturing process, now timber can come in a wide range of colours and finishings.

When it comes to wood flooring there is the ‘real McCoy’ and there are synthetic versions. Solid Wood, is of course, the former. It can come in original planks (typically 18-20 mm thick) and fitted using tongue-and-groove methods. It can then be sanded and varnished or painted to your desire.


Engineered wood

Engineered wooden flooring is a plank consisting of up to four layers of wood which have been glued to form a thicker plank. A real wood veneer is then glued on top. In this way it can be sanded and treated like the previous two forms of wood. The planks can be fitted using click and look installation means – although tongue and groove versions are also available.


Bamboo flooring

But what if you were looking for a wooden flooring that was a little more luxurious looking – and eco-friendly? Then bamboo flooring would be your choice. A very hard-wearing wood (technically it’s a grass!),

bamboo looks like hardwood but is more waterproof (although not completely – so still not great for bathrooms or kitchens).

The bamboo is produced by cutting the grass then manufacturing it together to form planks. These can then be fitted in a similar way to hardwood flooring.


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