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If you’re thinking of redecorating a room in your home right now and are wondering what to put underfoot, then concern yourself no more.

Because, these days, you will be extremely hard-pressed to beat vinyl flooring for both looks and cost. In fact, you may just be amazed at what’s available when you pour through the latest vinyl catalogues.

Yes, vinyl flooring patterns have come a very long way from the days when you were stuck with a choice of speckled or plain, for your kitchen. Forget those orange coloured and poorly patterned 1960s throwbacks. Today you’ll find funky vinyl flooring ideas which are cool looking enough to have in every room in the home. And that really shouldn’t come as any surprise. Not when you consider that in terms of comfort and texture, vinyl can feel lovely and soft underfoot.

And another thing; when it comes to pattern and design, it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between vinyl and real hardwood. Such is the advances in technology that you can even buy vinyl flooring tiles or planks these days which mimic distressed and reclaimed wood, as well as marble and concrete.

But, better still, you can find vinyl which is so beautifully patterned that it can’t be replicated in any other form of flooring. If you like what you’ve heard already, then read on to discover some vinyl flooring ideas you may want for your own redecorating plans:

Trending vinyl styles

Wood-look vinyl is huge at the moment – especially distressed wood ie the type of wood that looks wire-brushed, hand-scraped or features lots of knots and wear and tear so that it feels as if it’s been around for decades. Whether it’s oak, pine, walnut, maple or acacia – wood-look vinyl is going to be around for a very long time to come.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are a great way to get the stone look without the high-end price tag. Whether you’re looking for elegant marble with its distinctive dark veining or the luxury looks of limestone, you’ll find it with vinyl. Other popular stone-looks in vinyl include travertine and slate. So, it’s goodbye costly porcelain and ceramic and “hello” warmer-underfoot vinyl flooring patterns.

Not only does vinyl look as good as genuine stone, but it’s not porous like the real deal either – so you don’t have to worry about it getting stained or damaged. This means it’s possible to have ‘synthetic stone’ in even high traffic areas in the home, such as a hallway or kitchen. And why stop there? Marble flooring in the bedroom adds a sophisticated and serene touch to this most restful of rooms.

Concrete flooring is very much on trend these days. It looks great, but guess what? It’s not comfortable. Not, that is, if you’re going to be standing prepping and washing on that kitchen floor all afternoon. Whereas with LVT you can have the appearance of concrete, but with a little give and warmth in it – with the result you don’t get a painful lower back at the end of the day. That’s one vinyl flooring idea that’s pretty much genius, as far as we’re concerned.

Top vinyl flooring patterns

The thing with concrete look-alike vinyl is that it’s a solid colour pattern. But what about patterned vinyl? The colours and shapes can bring a room to life, with the floor even becoming the focal point of a room.

One vinyl flooring pattern that’s particularly popular is geometric vinyl flooring ideas. And actually, many designers are starting to use vinyl planks rather than tiles, especially when it comes to patterns as they’re easier to line up (not to mention simpler to install in the first place). It all points to vinyl planks rather than vinyl tiles becoming the ‘go to’ form of vinyl in future.

In the meantime, returning to the subject of vinyl flooring patterns, another two which are totally on trend right now are Chevron and Herringbone. Both add a touch of dynamism to any room in the home.

Choosing colours for different rooms

Blue is very fashionable right now, thanks to Pantone’s vibrant Veri Peri and Dulux’s pastel-like bright skies. The latter looks great in the kitchen (for cabinets) or the bedroom while the brighter shade is better for a sitting room or hallway – both of which are much more dynamic, with plenty of footfall and a livelier feel. The blue is usually in the form of a pattern, rather than a solid colour.

Having said that, navy and other darker forms of blue have been a favourite in kitchens for years now. These heavier shades of blue can also look terrific as a feature wall in a bedroom or sitting room. And, of course, vinyl is perfect for a kitchen, thanks to the fact it’s easy to wipe up spills, is stain resistant and waterproof.

Lighter vinyl, such as a stone LVT look can look great in a bathroom, especially if you’re looking to create a minimalist look. Concrete-look vinyl is lovely for a kitchen and dining room. That’s especially the case if you’re looking for an industrial design aesthetic.

Taking care of your new vinyl flooring

If you haven’t already, then we are pretty sure that you will fall in love with your new vinyl flooring the minute it is installed. That’s because you will realise just how easy it is to keep clean and looking great.

Like all flooring though, there are a couple of precautions you can take to ensure your flooring keeps looking fab for years to come. You can, for instance, lay some pads under the legs of heavy furniture. That way you won’t get any dents in the vinyl if you decide to move your dining table around or swap the pantry for more space.

Just take out a brush and sweep the floor now and again or give it a gentle hoover (vinyl can scratch so take a light, rather than heavy approach). Don’t use abrasive scouring pads or scrub your vinyl flooring though as this will lead to scratches. A good tip is to ask visitors – and family – to wipe their feet on a mat at the door before walking into your home with their outdoor shoes.

And to sum up…

So, not only is vinyl flooring easier to keep clean and maintain than the majority of attractive flooring options out there, but it is also easier to install, lasts longer (a lifetime warranty isn’t unusual) and is often far less expensive. What more could an enthusiastic home owner on the hunt for new flooring need?

If you would like to chat about the type of vinyl flooring ideas that may look best in a particular room in your house then do feel free to ask our advice here at Moor Floors. You can do that face-to-face with one of our team when you come in to our Bournemouth store to take a look at samples. Alternatively, book an appointment with us to come out to see you at home.

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