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When it comes to working out which carpet is best for which room in your home, it’s not exactly child’s play. A lot of research needs to go into your choice. Your family’s preferences for which rooms they enjoy spending time in, not to mention aesthetic appeal and budget are important too.

So, to try and help you with your choice, here at Moor Floors we’ve devised a quick guide. This outlines the type of flooring that tends to do better in particular rooms. It’s not a bible of course, you might prefer to have hardwood flooring throughout your entire house. And, certainly, allergies are important for when it comes to having carpets in bedrooms for some people.

Some carpets, particularly those with a twist pile are great for high-traffic areas and Sisal rugs are also hard-wearing. So, bearing in mind, everyone is different, and our products come in different varieties even within their specific categories, the following is merely a starting point. But it’s a good one:

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Carpet is soft underfoot – especially luxurious, plush, pile carpets which don’t tend to do well with a lot of traffic. And that’s why an expensive carpet that your feet just sink in to, is best to keep for the bedroom.

If you already have hardwood floors in the bedroom that you love then consider getting a soft pile rug so you don’t miss out on that velvet feel on your feet first thing in the morning.

Best room: Bedroom


  • Super soft for when you get out of bed in the morning and last thing at night.
  • Carpets create a feeling of warmth and cosiness, and which is just right for the bedroom.
  • If your partner works late or gets up early then you won’t hear them creeping about the bedroom the same way you would with wooden flooring.
  • You’re less likely to slip on carpet when getting up in the middle of the night to go to the loo, than you are with wood or laminate flooring.

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Laminate Flooring

Often the best choice of flooring for the living room, laminate looks great, is easy to maintain and provides a certain warmth. Certainly, its softer than hardwood to sit on (and you can lay down area rugs anyway).

Livingrooms are high traffic areas and laminate can certainly stand up to all that wear. It’s pet-friendly so you don’t have to worry about claws making indents in the surface. In fact, it’s more scratch-resistant and far more durable than hardwood, vinyl, or carpet.

In terms of design there are some fantastic examples of laminate mimicking wood and stone these days.

Best room: living room


  • Extremely durable and long-lasting so ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Looks like hardwood but softer to sit on.
  • Is pet-friendly so you can have the dog in the room with you without worrying about damage to flooring.
  • Visitors wearing high-heels won’t cause damage to it either.
  • It won’t stain or fade – even that patch right in front of the Bay window.
  • Often comes with a 25-year warranty.
  • It’s less expensive to purchase in the first place than other hard floor types, such as hardwood.

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Vinyl Flooring

What makes vinyl tiles and flooring planks so perfect for a kitchen is their wipe-easy nature. They’re also hard-wearing so that it doesn’t matter if you spill liquids or food on them; it’s not going to affect their appearance one iota. In fact, so robust is the new vinyl that it can actually be immersed in water and still look and feel as good as new once it dries out.

Vinyl can be purchased in a wonderful array of patterns and colours these days – to the extent it can quite easily coordinate perfectly with the rest of your room.

Best room: Kitchen (or bathroom)


  • Vinyl is waterproof and easy wipe clean – two things essential for kitchen flooring.
  • Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are so well designed these days that they can mimic wood flooring to a T – and it’s far easier on your budget.
  • The best vinyl tiles can last up to 30 years and often come with a 15-year guarantee
  • Vinyl’s durability means it’s good for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.

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Wood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring looks great – no doubt about it. And that’s why it is perfect for the hall. It creates the ‘wow’ factor for your visitors the minute you open the door to them. And it’s also hard-wearing enough to take lots of traffic. It’s a good idea to have a mat at the front door though so that your visitors don’t get grit on your flooring (as this can scratch it).

Best room: Hall


  • Timber looks terrific and is hard-wearing.
  • It’s Long-lasting.
  • Every wooden floor is unique because it’s come from a tree.
  • Wood flooring comes in a variety of different shades, from light to medium to dark and will match most furniture and fabrics thanks to its neutral nature.
  • You won’t get odours from wooden flooring the same way you might with carpets.
  • Houses with wooden flooring tend to be sought-after than when it comes to selling your home.

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Safety Flooring

Many people these days have safety flooring – also known as ‘slip-resistant flooring’ in their wet room or bathroom. Really, it’s the obvious choice for wet areas where there’s also soap about as the rubber in safety flooring is anti-slip. That’s especially the case when you see what’s available these days.

In fact, when you picture safety flooring don’t just get an image of black rubber in your head. You may be surprised at the impressive range of colours and patterns you can choose from. Actually, you shouldn’t be when you see the designs it is up against with vinyl and laminate flooring versions. Safety flooring can be produced to resemble wood or tile – and in a very natural fashion. Just take a look at some of the ranges on our website to see what we mean. We think you’ll be impressed.

Best room: Wet room (and bathroom)


  • Safety flooring is both waterproof and anti-slip
  • It’s completely hygienic.
  • Some styles are as attractive as vinyl and laminate for a bathroom floor.
  • It’s easy to wipe clean without any fuss.
  • It’s comfortable to walk on with bare feet ie because it doesn’t cause too much friction.
  • It gives you peace of mind – especially if you have a condition, such as osteoporosis where a fall could mean broken bones or prove dangerous in general.

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