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Safety Flooring

Safety flooring is basically vinyl with quartz, silicon carbide and aluminium oxides added during manufacture. This gives it its slip resistant properties.

Commercial premises, such as restaurant kitchens, factories and workshop areas can all benefit from non-slip safety flooring. In many instances, companies are obliged to install it in order to comply with Health and Safety guidelines. That’s because it prevents staff falling and injuring themselves or spilling hot food over others etc.

But plenty of public sector organisations use it too. Think hospitals, dental clinics, school playgrounds and swimming pools. It can also be installed in the home, for wet rooms and bathrooms.


Appearance of safety flooring

Safety flooring is no longer the black rubber of yesteryear. Today it comes in different colours and patterns – to the extent it can look like wood or stone. There are also embossed versions, which can help with dementia patients or those with partial sight.

Really pleased with my stair carpet that was fitted today, I wanted a dark colour as was just for my stairs to my flat and managed to get an off cut and save money compared to other local company quotes.
Very friendly guy who fitted it so would use them again.

Jas Frost

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Safety Flooring

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