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Wondering what the most popular flooring in new homes is these days? Interior design trends come and go, of course. But, when it comes to choosing flooring there’s a bit more durability around.

The reason is that once your flooring is down, you want it to stay there for a few years – at least. That way you won’t have the upheaval of moving all the furniture out for the fitting, then back in again once your new flooring is laid.

And then of course, there is the expense to consider too. Quality flooring doesn’t come cheap these days – nor should it.

Good flooring can, after all, make the difference between a room looking ‘good’ or a room coming across as ‘stunning.’ Flooring is, quite literally, the foundation for a room’s interior décor.


How to choose flooring for your home

When you’re looking around for a change to your décor and deciding your current flooring really has to go, it can be tempting to just opt for the most popular flooring in new homes. After all, that’s mainly what all the shops are stocked with these days and turns out you can’t open a magazine without seeing it featured in some celebrity home. But that doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Even if it does fit into the price point you were considering, you have to consider how it will wear if you have young kids running in and out of the house all day. Wood, for instance, is hard-wearing but it can get chipped easily, not to mentions scratched by a youngster dragging in a metal scooter by its side etc.

Other forms of flooring such as laminate looks great, but it’s not waterproof so if you have a family of teens who like to play football and other outdoor sports in all weathers, be prepared for a little damage if your laminate is laid in a kitchen or hallway.

Bamboo is the same – it’s a little more water-resistant than vinyl but not completely so, again, best used in a room where there’s not a lot of traffic, such as a bedroom. Use it in a sitting room or lounge too but make sure people’s shoes are dry when then enter. Or, better still, get them to take their shoes off at the door…

Kitchen Flooring

Overview of most popular flooring in new homes

Homeowners – or at least interior designers – seek to have a feeling of ‘flow’ with their flooring these days. In other words, they will use the same type of flooring throughout their home (ie in each room) to give the feeling of continuity. This is known as ‘cohesive design.’

In the past there was a fashion for different flooring in each room. For instance, the bathroom floor might be tile, the kitchen vinyl and the sitting room and bedroom both decked out in carpet. What having different flooring options like this did, was ‘chop’ up the house into different rooms.

Today’s flooring is different. It reflects the contemporary trend for ‘open spaces’ with no distinction between the kitchen, dining and sitting area in the back extension of the home.

According to one local estate agent, homeowners want “simple and natural” these days. She added: “From the materials to the colours and the patterns, people prefer the look and feel of simplicity. And, a single flooring installed throughout the entire home helps achieve just that.”


Most popular flooring in new homes this year

Ok, so you’re not particularly going to be swayed by it, but it doesn’t hurt to know does it? That is, just what is the most popular flooring in new homes?

Based on what customers are asking for, as well as obviously keeping an eye on industry trends ourselves, here is what we have found here at Moor Floors:

Engineered hardwood

Engineered hardwood is big. Well, huge, in fact. And there’s no surprise here really when you consider it’s incredibly hard-wearing. Ain’t no kids or pets going to put a dent in this!

Layers of plywood, placed alternatively, give the engineered hardwood it’s strength, while a top layer of hardwood supplies the aesthetics. Today, there is even more choice when it comes to finishes and colours. At the same time, it’s good to know that engineered wood also works beautifully in kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to its water-proofing qualities.

So engineered hardwood wins hands-down not only in terms of durability, but it also fits with that ‘simple’ aesthetic we mentioned earlier ie where it’s just one look for the flooring of the entire house.

In fact, according to 2019 statistics for US magazine Floor Covering News, hardwood flooring – and versions of it, such as engineered wood, have been growing in popularity over the past decade in particular. To the extent carpet has seen its share of the flooring market drop from almost 67% to around 53%.

In the past hardwood had been restricted to the hallway and the kitchen with carpets in the sitting room and bedrooms, but now it may be just the one room that has carpet or, in some cases, none at all.

Carpets reigning supreme in bedrooms

Yes, carpet is still the number one choice when it comes to our bedroom. And no wonder. Who wants to step out of bed onto cold flooring? The great part about having bedroom carpet is that it’s not a high-traffic area so you can really splash out for something luxurious.

Homeowners are treating themselves to a Berber or some other luxurious shag pile. The long loose pile Frieze carpets are particularly popular for the bedroom, especially those with pattern so they don’t show wear as much.

Wood in mid to dark tones

Light wood – or the Scandinavian look – is being shunned these days, it appears, in favour of warmer, more golden shades. And, in fact, it’s even verging on the darker side of mid-warm, in some cases.

The good news here is that darker wood suits a more variety range of décor styles, from country and rustic to aged and antique.

Floor framing

Depending on how you lay the pattern on your flooring, you can create whole different looks. And, actually, floor framing is becoming ‘a thing’ in certain interiors circles. What it involves is ‘framing’ or ‘highlighting’ a particular area. That could be a bath, shower or bordering a hallway.

“We will see designers create extra borders around tubs, for example, and add detailing around shapes where design is warranted, said US designer Breegan Jane. “This allowing your flooring to become an understated guide for the actual layout of the room.”


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Good weather and summer sales means there is plenty of affordable choice out there at the minute. Before you go diving in though, do think about how much you want to spend beforehand. Set a target and try hard to stick to it. We say that because it is far too easy to get carried away when you see some of the beautiful flooring options available today.

Laminate is a great-looking inexpensive option, while LVT and engineered wood is more expensive. Whatever you go for though, you are bound to find a beautiful option for your home at Moor Floors in Bournemouth. Tel: 01202 590922 or see www.moorfloorsltd.co.uk