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If the thought of choosing a carpet for your home just leads to confusion over styles, colours and fabrics, then it’s time you read this. It’s our ‘simple but thorough’ guide to carpet choosing below. You’ll be glad you did!


Carpets Bournemouth: Sizing up a stair carpet

Stairs, like hallways, get a lot of traffic so you’re going to have to choose a carpet which is both durable and easy to keep clean. Dark colours work best, of course, when it comes to hiding dirty marks. But then, so do patterned carpets (as they’re so ‘busy’ anyway that it’s easy for a new mark to go unnoticed). If you’re set on having a neutral shade though, choosing one which is a little darker, such as coffee or steel grey.

For stairs you’re better with a synthetic nylon carpet. Not only will it ensure your guests are less likely to slip and fall down the stairs, but this material is also long-lasting and stain-resistant. Then again, if you’re looking for added warmth in your home for the colder months, then you should opt for a blended fabric – one which definitely contains more wool than synthetic fabric.

When it comes to choosing a pile length for your stair carpet, it’s best to choose a carpet where the pile is no more than

¾-inch (preferably less). That’s because, the lower the pile length, the more stable the carpet will be underfoot.

How tightly twisted the fibre is in your carpet will also dictate how durable it is. This has a rating number and you’re best to choose a stair carpet where the twist rate is five or higher.

Finally, the pad underneath the carpet should be thin rather than thick to ensure better stability. This can comprise rubber, foam, felt or synthetic fibre. A backing with around 3/8 inch thickness and eight pounds density is perfect for a low-profile carpet stair carpet.


Carpets Bournemouth: Best bedroom carpet choice

Who doesn’t love the feel of their feet sinking into soft, plush carpet the moment they get out of bed? It just kinda makes ‘getting up’ easier. It means the best choice for a bedroom carpet is always a more luxurious choice than carpets for heavy foot-fall areas.

You might, for instance, consider a relaxed, loop-pile carpet here – especially if you’re a fan of the Hampton’s look. Having said that, if you have pets then it’s a good idea to stick to a twist fibre carpet so that their claws won’t get stuck in the loops. If it’s a luxury feel you’re after then opt for twist or plush carpets.

In terms of material, wool will always have the edge for bedrooms. There are alpaca and wool-silk options too, as well as wool-nylon blends. One of the best bits about choosing a wool carpet is that it’s less likely to cause allergens – which is not something to take likely in this age of poor environmental air quality.


Carpets Bournemouth: Liking your lounge carpet

In most homes these days the living room (or lounge) gets the most use. It’s usually where the family congregates in the evening and, unlike other rooms, most areas of the lounge are utilised.

It’s also where we love to relax. As a result, we’ll want a carpet that allows us to lie fly out on the floor when we want to watch a movie or play a game with the kids. It should also be easy to clean, seeing as it’s getting so much use. So, what’s the best options for this area?

Well, a high-density fibre option goes without saying (one that rates 2,000 or higher) in order to ensure it is tough enough. We’ll also want a carpet that has a tuft twist of at least five. It’s an idea to avoid carpets with staple fibres too since they tend to shed more, leaving us more vacuuming to do!

Carpet fibres to choose from for the living room include resilient nylon (6.6 nylon is best), Polyester, Triextra for anti-staining and non-fading Olefin.

In terms of softness, it’s not just the carpet itself that matters here – the backing (or underlay) also has a big part to play. Memory foam backing is idea for a cushioning feel.


Carpets Bournemouth: Pondering over pile types

When looking at carpets you’ll be faced with a file choice of either woven or tufted. As someone who doesn’t buy carpets every year, this isn’t always a straightforward choice. So, we’ve tried to make it easier for you here:

Woven carpets

You’ll probably have heard of Axminster. This is a particular kind of woven carpet which is regarded as a market-leader due to its quality and manufacturing process (it’s produced on a loom called an Axminster). Another quality offering is Wilton carpets – again, named after the loom on which they are produced.

This type of carpet tends to have a velvet finish, although recently Axminster have been introducing twisted yarn too.

Tufted carpets

These are produced by needles punching the yarn into a covering material. The easier manufacturing process means they’re not as expensive and, as a result, are the most purchased carpet types today.

· The best-selling tufted carpet around these days is the twist style. This is where the pile faces one direction and is extremely hard-wearing. These type of carpets tend to be plain rather than patterned like the Axminster.

· Shag pile is other common type of carpet and which was particularly popular in the Seventies. It’s a luxurious fabric and great for a bedroom.

· Flatweave carpet is perfect for stairs. That’s because this type of loop carpet is very firm so completely stable ie less likely to move around and cause falls. The flatweave is created by interlocking vertical and horizontal threads.

· Looped carpets are also known as Berbers (due to the fact this famous African tribe created them in the first place). The loops are either low profile and the same size or different heights to provide a textured appearance. Berber’s with smaller loops are best for high traffic areas such as a living room. Avoid if you have cats as their claws can get caught in the loops.

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