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If there is one room in our home where we want softness beneath our feet, it is the bedroom. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, we want to feel comfortable, warm and soothed. And a bedroom carpet can do exactly that – especially a thick, luxurious pile carpet. So, what is the best bedroom carpet to achieve this height of luxury?

First, before we discuss this though, we are obliged to point out that, of course, not everyone feels the same as we do. Some people prefer hardwood flooring with an area rug to step onto when they leave and enter the comfort of their warm bed. So, which are you? If you’re still undecided then have a read through this post highlighting the pros and cons of having a carpet – luxury or otherwise – in your bedroom. We will then go on to discuss what is the best bedroom carpet for particular needs.

Advantages of having a soft carpet underfoot

  • Soft touch. Carpet is soothing – especially if it is thick, with a lovely long pile. You want to go to bed with a nice, relaxed feeling, not cold feet because you’ve walked across wooden flooring to get there.
  • Warmth. As well as softer, wool is also much warmer than wood. Carpet is soft and warm so you’ll always feel cosy in a bedroom that is wall to wall carpeted. That’s not the case with a hard wood floor – unless, that is, the sun has been shining directly onto a particular spot. But, even then, it’s only one part of your flooring that will be warm.
  • Quietness. Most bedrooms tend to be upstairs in the house. When you walk across wooden flooring your footsteps will echo. Not so with carpet which will, instead, serve to dampen the sound of you wandering around. That’s a plus if you have a partner who works shifts or likes to stay up later than you as well; with a carpet underfoot, they’re less likely to wake you up. Incidentally, it isn’t just footsteps that wooden flooring will emphasise – it can make speech sound louder too.
  • Appearance. To keep your carpet looking its best it’s just a case of vacuuming every week. No need to sweep or run a mop over the floor as you would with wood flooring or vinyl.

Disadvantages of installing a bedroom carpet

To be fair, there aren’t many disadvantages to having a carpet in your bedroom. The ones we have here aren’t really deal-breakers, for instance:

  • Stains. A carpet is more likely to stain than wood flooring. The deeper and more luxurious the carpet, the harder the stain will be to get out. Of course, it depends what the stain is in the first place and how quickly you wipe it up after the spill happens. Berber is an uncut carpet pile which doesn’t show up stains as much as cut carpet pile (although it isn’t as soft to stand on).
  • Replacement. Even though most bedrooms are considered ‘low traffic areas’ ie there’s not a lot of people walking around in them and hence on the carpet as there would be in a sitting room, there will still be wear – especially if you have a soft carpet with cut pile. The result is the carpet will need to be replaced at some point if you want to retain that luxury feel underfoot.
  • Pets. With long pile carpets cats, or dogs, for that matter, can snag the loops of the carpet with their claws. This means you may have a part of your new carpet unravelling until they learn to stay off it, or keep their claws in when walking across it. Either that or you may need to ban them from the bedroom altogether.
Dorset bedroom carpets

What type of carpet is best?

For all the reasons we’ve mentioned above ie cosiness, warmth, luxury feel, then a thick pile is the best bedroom carpet. However, if you suffer from allergies, then it’s best to get a carpet which doesn’t trap dust in the material. To try and prevent this you can also spray a nontoxic finishing agent. Really, this shouldn’t be a problem these days though. And, certainly, if the carpet has Green Label Plus certification or similar then you’re fine. That’s because it guarantees there are no toxins and you’ll have good air quality in the room as you sleep.

If you’re keen to get an eco-friendly carpet material then wool is natural, so too is jute and seagrass. All of these are renewable.

Carpets for a child’s room

If you have little ones then soft carpet is best for their room – especially if they like to sit on the floor and play there (which most kids do). It’s also safer to have carpet in case they roll over and fall out of bed.

Carpet to match your bedroom’s style

If you’re after the luxury, upmarket touch, then opt for a carpet made from wool. If that’s a bit out of your budget, then polyester is the next best thing. Failing that, you can always go for a nylon carpet. Just make sure you get a nice cut pile.

As we’ve mentioned, Sisal isn’t the comfiest of carpets, but it is hardwearing and you won’t have to replace it as frequently as other carpets so in that sense it’s one of the best bedroom carpets.

It’s your decision to make

Of course, when it comes down to it, it’s up to you what type of carpet – or flooring in general – that you decide to have installed in your bedroom. You and your family are the ones who will be living there after all – not some interior design expert who is up to date with all the latest bedroom flooring trends.

If you’re someone who enjoys softness underfoot then go for luxury. If, on the other hand, you can imagine your bedroom getting a lot of traffic with kids running through every five minutes, then opt for something a little more hardwearing. And, if either you and your partner have different bed times, then hardwood flooring isn’t really a sensible option as the best bedroom carpet. Not if you want to retain a harmonious marriage, that is…